How to Pass the New bizSAFE Audit with Ease

Is your bizSAFE Level 3, 4 or STAR Expiring Soon?

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Since November 2015, WSHC has revised the bizSAFE audit checklist for Risk Management.



  • You WILL be affected in the coming renewal audit
  • At least 20 new requirements added
  • Changes need to be made to your documents in order for you to satisfy these new requirements
  • Your current documents may no longer be adequate for you to pass your renewal audit

1/2 Day Course on:
How to Pass the NEW bizSAFE Level 3 Audit with Ease


Don't want to be caught by surprise? Attend our 1/2 day course and learn how you can pass your renewal audit with ease. Find out what the new requirements are and take action now!

  • Plan ahead and prevent scrambling last minute - you need ample time to revise your documents and procedures
  • AVOID no action and the eventual lapse of your bizSAFE status
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